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How To Create A Podcast Intro/Opening That Is Effective and Stands Out

What is the difference between a Podcast intro and opening?

An intro is the fun energetic 15-20 seconds that has music beds and sound effects that normally will stay consistent for many episodes if not the entirety of your show.

An opening is the 2-4 minutes of you explaining what this weeks episode is about, and is also the place where you may introduce sponsors and do some house cleaning.

What should be in a podcast Opening?

  1. The Podcast Name — this should be obvious BUT how else are they to know what they are listening to.
  2. The Episode Number — gives an order to your show and allows you to refer back to specific episodes with ease.
  3. The Title of The Episode — giving your episodes names is not just fun BUT important to have a¬†reference for specific episodes.
  4. Hosts Names — you are trying to build a community with your podcast, and it is important for your audience to know who you are.
  5. Sponsors — the show opening is a great place to talk about any sponsors you may have for the show.
  6. House Cleaning — the beginning of your show is a fantastic place to mention new things you have going on around the show. If you have new ways to get in touch or a giveaway going on this is the place to do it. Once you get to the meat of the show this type of thing just breaks the immersion.

What should be in a podcast Intro?

  1. Podcast Name
  2. Host Name
  3. Tagline
  4. Background Music and Fun Sound Effects

When it comes to a podcast intro, it should be fun and upbeat and in a few sentences tell your potential listeners what you show is all about. You DO NOT have to have a special intro with background music and effects to have a successful show BUT it is a great way to get a head start. Think of it as the face of your show, when someone clicks on an episode to listen to you that’s the first thing they encounter.

Here are a couple of great places to get podcast intros recorded:

Fiverr — Starting at literally 5 bucks you can have someone record and edit a show intro for you.

Music Radio Creative — This is who I use every time I need anything done audio wise. These guys are fantastic and make your intro sound extremely professional. I recommend spending a little more money in the beginning of the show and it will make a difference.

Tips For A Great Intro/Opening:

  • Be unique and outside the box
  • Identify who the hosts are
  • Keep the intro to around 12-15 seconds and the opening to under 1:30
  • Remember to keep it as brief and as full of actual information as possible. You want to jump to the content as quick as possible.
  • Keep the intro and opening as professional sounding as possible. This is where new listeners find out what you are all about.

In closing, when thinking about the first few minutes of your episodes try and make them as entertaining and as fun as possible. This is where you will capture the majority of your potential long-term subscribers.

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