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Basic Equipment Needed To Start A Podcast

When starting a podcast one of the first things that you need to think about is your equipment. There are hundreds of hours of audio uploaded as podcasts each day, and in order for you to stand out, you will need some equipment that will help you do that.

There are three different things that are CRITICAL to have before pressing record and uploading your first podcast.

  1. Microphone
  2. Audio Interface
  3. Audio Editing Software

One of the key things to a YouTube channel is community. There is nothing better to have when starting a YouTube channel than a website. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have some way of creating email lists and giving your audience another place outside of YouTube to find you. I have a tutorial here showing you how to easily setup a WordPress Website in a few simple steps.


Let’s talk microphones. One of the main elements of a podcast is obviously the tool you use to record your show. Your microphone is the first link to all of this. I am going to list some options below from least expensive to most expensive.

Logitech Clearchat Headset – $29.99 — This is a great beginners mic if you are on a very tight budget. This is a USB Mic

Blue Snowflake Microphone – 39.95 — This is the microphone that I started with and it lasted  me over a year and had great quality. This is a USB mic.

Samson CO1U – $79.95 — This is a great starter mic that has great sound and will have you sounding terrific at a very affordable price. This is a USB mic.

Audio-Technica ATR2100USB – $59.95 — This is both a USB and XLR microphone.

Heil PR-40 – $327.00 — This is the microphone that I currently use. For under $350.00 it gives you professional studio quality audio and really makes your videos stand out.

With all of this being said I would highly recommend that you at least purchase the Blue Snowflake. The headset mic is an inexpensive option BUT the quality is so much better with only $10 investment.

Audio Interface

What is an audio interface? 

In order to connect your XLR microphone to your computer and start recording, you will need something that connects the mic to the computer. If you are using a USB microphone you can plug it in directly to the computer, BUT if you are using an XLR microphone you will need an audio interface to plug into.

Scarlett 2i2 — This is the audio mixer that I currently use and absolutely LOVE IT. I highly recommend this product if you are using an XLR Mic.

Mackie 1402-VLZ4 — This is another highly recommended audio interface that many podcasters use with great success.

Audio Editing Software

As I mentioned earlier in the post software is all a personal preference. There are multiple great tools out there. Here is a list of all of the ones I would recommend.

Audacity — Audacity is a free piece of audio recording/editing software. I cannot recommend this piece of software enough, not only is it a great tool BUT it’s FREE. You can’t beat that 🙂

Adobe Audition — Audition is Adobe’s audio recording/editing software. Obviously, Adobe is known for it’s creative suite of apps and this one as the others is great. This is the software I use to edit all of my audio. I actually subscribe to the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite to have access to their other applications such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator.

Call Recorder For Skype (Mac Only) — If you want/have an interview based show this is a MUST HAVE application. Skype obviously is the go-to tool for podcasters to use when calling and recording interviews with guests all over the globe. Here is a video tutorial showing you how to use Call Recorder For Skype

Pamela Call Recorder For Skype (for PC/Windows Users) — If you have a PC and you are wanting to record Skype calls this is going to be your best bet!

Garageband — Garageband comes with each Mac and is a great piece of free software that you can use when getting started that can save you some money.


When it comes to headphones it is extremely important that you find a pair of “Cans” that are comfortable for you to wear for an extended amount of time. This is a personal preference BUT I highly recommend these.

Audio Technica M50X — These headphones are the over the ear type and are fairly inexpensive.

PODCASTING TIP ** Always wear headphones when recording your show to hear what the audience will hear, also if you are recording an interview you do not want the sound of your guest to come from your speakers and be recorded on both channels. (I have done this before and had to do the entire interview over again).

Other Gear, You May Also Need

  • If you are using an audio interface you will need an XLR cable to connect your microphone that may not come included with your interface. Here is a great option.
  • A microphone pop filter is highly recommended as you will need this to eliminate the dreaded P and POP sound when speaking in your microphone. Here is a great option. 
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