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20 Tips To Improve Your Podcast Inerviews

Interviews on podcasts are very common and if you are thinking about having an interview based show OR already have one and want to improve your interviews here are 20 tips.


  1. Explain why you would like to have the guest on your show and what your show is about. A mistake that many podcasters make is to invite someone onto their show with a 1 line email and a link to the podcast. This will not work and you will not book interesting guests using this technique.
  2. Make sure when inviting guests to be interviewed on your show t hat you clearly communicate the name of your show, website address, and MOST IMPORTANTLY what the show is about.
  3. Communicate how long you are requesting for the interview to take place. Remember you are taking time out of someone else’s busy schedule, make sure you let them know how long it will take to record the interview (Also, make sure you include pre-show conversation in that estimate as well).
  4. Be sure to offer at least 2-3 time slots for the guest to choose from. I use a piece of software called ScheduleOnce. This allows me to include a link in my invitation that the guest can click on to set up a date that automatically puts the interview in both of our calendars.
  5. Provide the guest with an application to put in their Skype name, Short Bio, Contact Information, and any other information you may need that would be important for you to have as the host.
  6. If the interview has been scheduled more than a couple weeks in advance, send a confirmation email to the guest 1 week from the recording reminding them of the interview date and time, and how you are going to get in touch.
  7. This one is CRITICAL — When doing interviews you will be speaking with people all over the WORLD, that’s the beauty of the internet. With that being the case make sure you include the TIME and TIME ZONE information when sending interview requests.
  8. Consider sending out an outline of the show and examples OR a full list of the questions you will be asking. It’s important you do this so your guest doesn’t feel unprepared when they come to record the day of the interview.
  9. If you have something come up to where you are not going to be able to make the interview MAKE SURE you contact your guest immediately and politely ask them if they are willing to reschedule due to an emergency on your end coming up last minute.
  10. Always call your guests on time — Again, this is their valuable time you are taking up and they are making a sacrifice to share it with you.
  11. Follow up with some type of thank you not. This can be done via email BUT if you want you could even send them letter in the mail. Not only is this the right thing to do BUT you will also make a great impression AND if needed they may be willing to come back on the show.
  12. When asking a question let the guest speak. Do NOT continually interrupt them as they are trying to answer.
  13. Don’t give verbal agreements to every statement they make — this gets old QUICK. Example would be in between every statement from your guest you are saying “Right” or “Yes”. This also sounds bad and gets annoying when someone is listening.
  14. Avoid questions that normally lead to a 1-word answer. This will make your show much more dynamic and your audience will appreciate it.
  15. Actually LISTEN to your guest as they are speaking. The difference in a Good interview and a Great one could be you straying from the normal questions and following up on an interesting statement from your guest.
  16. After the interview is over tell the guest to send you any links they would like for you to share in the show notes of that episode.
  17. Ask the guest if there are any free gifts or promotions that they would like to offer your listeners as this is a great way to gain traffic for both the host and the guest.
  18. Check microphone levels before you start the show.
  19. If possible provide your guest with an estimated release date for the show. This way they can expect when the episode will go live and can prepare to share with their community.
  20. And for goodness sakes learn how to pronounce your guests name correctly 🙂

Now, obviously there are more things you need to do when conducting a great interview BUT this list should get your started. Just remember this is their valuable time they are donating to you during this interview. Make the most of the time you have allotted for the interview and make sure you thank them verbally and through an email.

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